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RoboCo is a wholesome, in-development sandbox game about designing and building robots to serve the needs of squishy, hapless humans in the world of tomorrow. The game will feature a robust and intuitive robot-building toolkit, alongside challenge levels that require players to complete whimsical objectives like delivering a sandwich, preparing a romantic dinner, and showing off your robot dance moves.

We haven’t announced a launch date quite yet, but we’re aiming to release the game on Steam Early Access in 2021.

RoboCo will be released on Steam (you can wishlist us today!) for PC desktop and VR. Players will be able to experience the entire game in both modes, and can swap between desktop and VR play with the click of a button!

At launch, RoboCo will be a single-player experience – though we’d love to keep adding community-building features if the game is successful!

We’ve shared an early look at RoboCo with select content creators on YouTube and Twitch – check out a playlist of all these videos here!

Currently, we’re not building RoboCo with mod support in mind. We are curious about what types of modding features players are interested in, though…let us know on our Discord or Twitter!

RoboCo is developed by Filament Games, specifically the fine folks listed here:

  • Luke Jayapalan (Lead Game Designer)

  • Joe Horan (UI/UX/a bit of everything)

  • Jonathan Kieffer (Lead Engineer)

  • Alan Martin (Game Designer)

Yes! We’ve got a hilarious teaser trailer, a 30-minute gameplay video hosted by our dev team, and even more footage of the game on YouTube from content creators like ScrapMan!

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